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Clear the hurdles between patients and the care they need.

Circulo supports authorization for care end-to-end. Powered by AI, not paper, our solution reduces write-offs and improves patient outcomes.

Prior Authorization


Mental health is the foundation of all health.

The most needed care often feels the most out of reach. There's a shortage of trained professionals, while there's never been more need. It's a tough challenge to solve, but it all begins with that first step.

Behavioral Health


Immunization management that won't sting, not even a little bit.

Circulo helps you know which vaccines are due for which patients. We save you time by giving you up-to-date permission sheets, right at your fingertips.

Immunization Loop


Clipboards are for strangers. Know your patients better.

No more logging into dozens of different tools to get a 360ยฐ look at your member. Circulo brings it all into one place.



Small actions add up to big outcomes.

Healthcare occurs outside of the doctors office too. Circulo facilitates little actions: texting with a doctor, taking a walk, measuring blood pressure, and more.

Nano Medicine


Don't let anyone fall through the cracks.

Circulo shines a spotlight on the members who need care. No heavy data analysis required. The first step in helping is knowing who to help. Circulo makes it easy.

Care Gap Loop


Take the humans (and human error) out of updating fee schedules.

Circulo listens constantly for changes to fee schedules on State Medicaid sites. Get alerted about changes. Automatically ingest the data. Save time. And eliminate errors in claims and payments.

Fee Schedule Engine


A whole check-up without even stepping out.

Get care right from your kitchen. With Circulo, you can complete an entire checkup virtually. See your doctor. Get referred to a specialist. Even fill a prescription.

Virtual Visit


Check for valid insurance in seconds.

Does the patient in your lobby still have valid insurance? Finding out is as easy as a Google search. No logging into yet another insurance portal. And forget about long hold times calling an insurance company's hotline.

Benefit Card Loop


Get paid immediately.

With Circulo, a dollar is a dollar. There's no cost to collect or month-long delays. Get paid so fast the patient might still be in your office.

Payment System


Let food be thy medicine.

You can prescribe a medication... why can't you prescribe healthy food? Or a mold inspection of a home? Or counseling? With Circulo, you can, right from your EMR.

Non-Pharma Prescriptions


Stop playing phone tag.

Offer patients a way to reach you that theyโ€™ll actually use. Free up time that your practice spends dialing and texting your patients.

Message Loop


Here's our claim: no more claims.

Circulo prepares the claim for you automatically. Then you just give us the ๐Ÿ‘ or ๐Ÿ‘Ž. Slash the time you spend on data entry. No more logging into portals or waiting on hold with support to check a claim status.

Claims Engine


Level the playing field for next-gen care.

Don't let a cellular data plan stand in the way of getting world-class healthcare. Circulo provides Members in need with the data plan they need.

Circulo Hub


Coordinating care shouldn't fall 100% on your shoulders.

The primary care doctor should always be... well, primary. But Circulo shoulders the load of logistics and authorizations for labs, referrals, prescriptions, and more.

Care Plan Loop


Ready to see our loops in action?

Download the platform, and then visit the Loop Library. You'll receive Olive's wisdom with each valuable loop you install.

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