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Olive Helps is Medicaid's AI‑powered sidekick

We invite you to download Olive Helps, a healthcare assistant that sits on your desktop to save you time.

Please view this site on desktop to download Olive Helps.

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Olive Helps, powered by Circulo Loops

Built to work with existing hospital processes, not add to them.


Current Circulo Loops

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Medicaid Fee Lookup: Ohio

Search the Ohio Medicaid fee schedule by procedure.

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Medicaid Formulary Search: Ohio

Search the Ohio Medicaid Unified Preferred Drug List by drug name.


Medicaid Updates: Ohio

Tracks updates to provider resources from the Ohio Dept Medicaid.


Food Access: Ohio

Find food pantries and programs to help pay for food in Ohio and share them via SMS.


Housing Access: Ohio

Find information on shelters, subsidized loans, and bill help and share it via SMS.



Save custom lists of helpful websites or use pre-installed lists of useful Medicaid websites.


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Chat Messages

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Chat with Circulo Health to coordinate mobile telehealth visits and more for your patients.

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Download Olive Helps

Please view this site on desktop to download Olive Helps.


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We read your mind and answered a few questions.

Do you have download instructions and tips?

You can access a download guide here. Please reach out to VIP@circulohealth.com with any unanswered questions you may have about downloading Olive Helps.

Is this only for providers in Ohio?

Circulo wants to help providers across the country. Right now, several of our loops are for Ohio. Please contact us at VIP@circulohealth.com to see if we can work together to create loops for your geography.