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Welcome to the Circulo partnership program. Whether you're building healthcare solutions for patients or providers, or interested in joining our advisory board. Join us.



Partnership Programs

Are you building healthcare solutions for patients?

Seamless Microservices

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Seamless is a suite of services delivered through the Circulo member app that are powered by our partners.

There's over 75 million Americans on Medicaid. When partnering with Circulo, you'll be able to grow your membership base with our support along the way.

We're creating a frictionless experience for America's most valuable, coordinated to meet all the needs for the people in our care.

Medicaid re-imagined with premium health and care built from the ground up. We're just getting started.

Loops for Providers

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Are you looking to work with providers? Circulo can get you on their desktop by building a loop on the Olive Helps platform using your content. It's easy and simple.

Our loops partnership program allows you to get your unique offering in the hands of providers and their teams, generating leads and increasing brand awareness.

Olive Helps sits on provider's desktops alongside their EHR, making your loop available side by side to their workflow.

All the heavy lifting is on us. All we need is the content you would like to offer in the loop. We'll take the engineering work from there.



Mosaic Alliance Program

An evergreen approach to incubating new ideas

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This program creates an ecosystem of digital health partners incentivized to build their offerings around the needs of Medicaid members

Board of Advisors

Join the Mosiac Alliance Program and get exclusive access to our board of advisors.

Alliance Partners

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