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Medicaid made just
for you

Welcome to a Medicaid plan that's designed around your needs. If you're a new Circulo member, download the app and activate your account to select your doctor.

Not a Circulo member? No problem.




Easily find the right doctors, all in our app.

No more wondering if you got stuck with a second-rate doctor. Find the right doctor easily, see if they're accepting patients, and even switch to a different doctor right in the app.



Carrie Baker

Sophie Zhou

Family Medicine




No BS.

There's enough to worry about without hoping a procedure or prescription is covered by your Medicaid plan. With Circulo, if your doctor recommends it, we cover it. It's that simple.

Tap in to total access.

No more waiting for what you need. Open the Circulo app and you'll have immediate access to everything you need, including:

Your digital ID card

Can't find your Medicaid ID card? No worries. Pull it up on the app, or request a new one.





Chat Message

Immediate help with any healthcare questions

No more getting stuck on hold. We'll find you answers about getting care, Medicaid, whatever you need.

Change your doctor

We get it, sometimes your doctor isn't the right fit. Easily change your doctor, right in the app.



Carrie Baker

Sophie Zhou

Family Medicine



Rides to appointments

Need help getting to your doctors? Call us and we'll send you a ride.

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The future of Medicaid is here.

If you're a new Circulo member,
download the Circulo app and activate your account.

Not a Circulo member? No problem.

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We read your mind and answered a few questions.

Will I really be covered for anything I need?

If it's legal and your Circulo doctor prescribes it, we'll cover it. There are certain things we can't legally pay for (like cosmetic surgery) - but for just about everything else, we promise to take any questions up with your doctor, and never leave you on the hook for the bill.

How do I find doctors in Circulo's network?

You can find doctors in the Circulo member app. You'll also be able to see important information about each doctor, such as whether or not they are accepting new patients, how many years of experience they have, their specialties, and more.

Can I keep my doctor?

Yes! You can see any doctor, even if they're not in our network, and we'll pay them for your visit. The doctor will just need to accept the standard Medicaid prices for the visit cost.

I don't have Medicaid. How do I sign up for Circulo?

The first step is to apply to Medicaid. Once Circulo is available in your state, you will be able to choose Circulo as your insurer. How to apply for Medicaid.

I got a welcome letter in the mail from Circulo. What do I do next?

Congrats! You are officially a Circulo member. The next step is to download the Circulo Member app. With the app, you can navigate Circulo's extra Medicaid benefits, like expanded coverage, finding the right doctor, and other support.

What makes Circulo different from other plans?

We are building our plan from scratch with the best of modern technology. We aren't limited by decisions made decades ago.

Are you available in my state?

We're working hard to launch in our first state, Ohio. We are expanding to the rest of the United States as quickly as we can.

What if I move to a new state?

Each state has their own unique Medicaid program. If you move to another state, you will have to re-apply to Medicaid in that state.